Weekly Update Letter

Weekly Update Letter

We are followers of Jesus on a transformational journey,

participating with the Spirit of God

to fill the world with God’s love, justice and beauty.


January 26, 2023


Dear SFC Family,

One of the beautiful things about the Christian family is the diversity of its members. Our vitality is empowered by these differences. They increase our discernment, expand our compassion and inspire our usefulness in the world around us. We are better together, yet who we are individually truly matters.

Our stories are varied because our life experiences differ. While we are all followers of Jesus, our expressions of our faith are unique, original and creative.

This Sunday we continue our conversation God-Talk: How to Have Better Conversations about God. We’ll talk about how each of us is uniquely gifted, and we will encourage you to find the styles of engagement with others that work best for you. I hope you will join us.


Sean Miller