Weekly Update Letter

Weekly Update Letter

We are followers of Jesus on a transformational journey, participating with the Spirit of God to fill the world with God's love, justice, and beauty


September 23, 2021


Dear Church Family,

These days anyone can start a club. There are clubs for sports fans, for hobbyists, for interest groups. There are exclusive members-only clubs and clubs that let anyone join. Some clubs have strict conditions of membership, such as dues, a degree, some expertise, or even a certain zip code. In almost every club, the members have at least one key thing in common. One of the strangest clubs I found online is “The Luxuriant Flowing Hair Club for Scientists.” To join that club, you actually have to be a scientist and have luxuriant flowing hair!

In some ways, the Christian Church is like a club. After all, we have one very important thing in common - we are all followers of Jesus. The Greek word Jesus uses for church is “ekklésia.” Ekklésia means to be “called out from” and “called to.” The universal community of Jesus followers known as the Church has been called out from the world, and called to a new way of life. But this club - this community - belongs to God, not to us. It is not exclusive, and we don’t make the rules or set conditions for membership. God calls us in to join, and he calls us out to our mission to fill the world with his love, justice, and beauty.

This Sunday, we continue the series VINTAGE: Ancient Faith for Today. The title of this week’s message is The Church: Jesus is kind of cool, but that “church thing” is a scary mess. We’ll talk more about what the Church is and should be, and what we as followers of Jesus are called out to do and be in the world. I hope you’ll join us.


Sean Miller

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