Weekly Update Letter

Weekly Update Letter

We are followers of Jesus on a transformational journey,

participating with the Spirit of God

to fill the world with God’s love, justice and beauty.

December 2, 2021

Dear Saratoga Federated Church,

A year ago we were all having a pretty quiet Christmas season. Parades were cancelled, parties postponed, and our celebratory gatherings were small or remote. Even our worship gathering on Christmas Eve was virtual and contemplative.

2020 changed the way we celebrated Christmas, but it didn’t change the God we celebrate. The gift of Jesus’ birth shone even in the still, small, quiet spaces we inhabited. In solitude and simplicity, we found hope, joy, and peace.

This year, we emerged from isolation. Many of us feel safer in public. We’ve begun to meet in person and reconnect with each other. It’s tempting to again clutter our lives, creating stress and complication in our relationships with God and each other. 

I pray that some of what we learned last year stays with us. On Sunday we’ll begin a brief series called Simply Christmas: Uncomplicating the Season. I hope that we’ll use this time to intentionally slow down and focus on the hope, peace, and joy that Jesus brings through the life he offers.

Join us,

Sean Miller

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