Program Offerings

Program Offerings

Young 2s and Older 2s

These classes meet twice a week on Tuesday and Thursday and focus on helping children with their first transition into a school setting. The emphasis is on social and emotional growth, learning how to separate in a positive way by building trust, learning how to share, and how to make and be a good friend while interacting with other children. At the same time, there is a strong encouragement of language development through music, stories, circle time games and movement. This is also where we begin to develop self-help skills to learn how to become independent problem solvers, and through age-appropriate curriculum, we will be giving them the joy to learn.

Young 3s and Older 3s

These classes will meet three times a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will continue to reinforce the social-emotional and cognitive growth by successfully engaging children in a positive way through age-appropriate curriculum. All curriculum is based on a theme each week, and the environment will change depending on the theme. There is an emphasis on building the skills needed to prepare the children for Pre-K. We also encourage further socialization and resilience by reinforcing how a child's choices affect their relationships and environment.


Designed for children whose birthdates make them eligible for Kindergarten the following year, these classes build and support the development of social awareness, emotional intelligence, and Kindergarten readiness skills. Building opportunities to take risks in a safe school setting will help them discover how the learning process is more important than the outcome. They will work on fine and gross motor skills, letters, number values, sequencing, patterning, sorting and classification, phonemic awareness, problem solving, story telling and being able to follow multi-step directions. This curriculum incorporates STEAM into their daily schedule. Children will work both in large and small groups to build their pre-reading, writing, math and science skills. They will be pulled out once a week in small groups to work with our Literacy and Movement Specialists. They will also participate in a Christmas Chapel play and an end of year graduation.

Additional Programs

Lunch Bunch Program

We offer a Lunch Bunch Program to our 3s and young 4s who are ready to do an extended day schedule. Lunch Bunch meets Monday through Thursday from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm from September through May. Children enrolled in this program are escorted by a staff member from their morning class to room 5 where they are greeted by the Lunch Bunch teachers. Children will have the opportunity for unstructured play and to socialize and interact with their peers and children from different classes. Children will bring their own lunch from home and will be supported on learning the importance of good nutrition and self-help skills to manage their own lunch. Enrollment for this class is limited, and available on a first-come, first-served basis. Lunches will be brought from home. We kindly ask that you be aware of our Nut Free Environment.

Enrichment Programs

We will be offering Enrichment classes to our older 3s through Pre-K children who want to extend their day on Monday through Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30 pm. We offer enrichments in two semesters, October through January and February through May. Sign-ups for these classes start at the end of September and enrollment is limited to 12 children per class.

Enrichment Classes Offered:

  • Musical Tots will explore new and familiar songs and genres while building and creating their own instruments.

  • Little Artists will have the opportunity to explore the different media of art and use their creative self-expression.

  • Little Bilinguals will explore Spanish vocabulary, stories and songs and participate in cultural activities such as crafts and cooking.

  • Stay n’ Play will give children the opportunity to explore and play together both indoors and out. Crafts, songs, stories, games and more will make an appearance in this fun, engaging class.

Sensational Summer School

During the mont of July, our older 3s and young 4s can join our summer school program.

Students will participate in arts & crafts, stories, games, water play and music & movement with their friends all with an ocean theme.