Operations Manager (Part-Time)

Operations Manager (Part-Time)

Operations Manager Job Description


PURPOSE: To provide knowledge and skill to the support and maintenance of the Church’s operations. This includes hands-on management of the facilities and operational support to the rest of the staff.


REPORTS TO: Minister of Church Operations



1)   Custodian: Ernesto Jauregui



1)   Manage the church facilities, including supervision of the custodian.

2)   Manage all of the church’s computer hardware, software and IT infrastructure. Collaborate with Worship team regarding audio visual and communication infrastructure needs.

3)   Coordinate general office needs with all of the Senior Staff and Ministry Associates, including equipment and supplies.

4)   Help coordinate Serve Weeks and ongoing local service opportunities for the church not already covered by the LOT.



1)   Facilities:

a.   Respond to facility issues and emergencies 24/7

b.   Supervise custodian, arrange back-up in his absence

c.   Coordinate and supervise volunteer helpers

d.   Manage all property leasing and purchase activity

e.   Manage contract issues with facility users

f.     Interact with neighbors and City on all property and facility issues of public concern

2)   Information technology:

a.   Maintain all of our computer systems, with the aid of an outside contractor and volunteers

b.   Respond to audio-visual needs in conjunction with the Worship Pastor

c.   Maintain our phone system

3)   General Office and Administration:

a.   Coordinate reception duties for the church

b.   Manage office equipment purchases and leasing

c.   Liaison with the Ministry Associates on campus wide admin issues

4)   Serve Weeks

a.   Help solicit and select the projects for each Serve day

b.   Recruit and develop project leaders

c.   Provide publicity to and recruitment of volunteers



1)   Customer satisfaction: Elders, Sr. Staff, other staff, congregation

a.   Anecdotal evidence based on feedback received

2)   Accuracy: Minimal errors in execution and reporting

3)   Budget: Ability to manage function within budget

4)   Integrity/Trust: anecdotal based on perceptions/feedback



Experience: 3+ years of operations management experience in a multi-building campus environment. Facilities management experience preferred.


Skills: Evidence of a mature life under the lordship of Jesus Christ, strong communicator, experience with facility maintenance in all areas, familiarity with computer, telephone and audio-visual technology.

Education: Associate in Arts degree, or equivalent, preferred.