September 26 Message Reflection Questions

September 26 Message Reflection Questions

Vintage: Ancient Faith for Today

Message Reflection Questions

September 26, 2021

Vintage: Ancient Faith for Today - The Church

Pastor Sean Miller


What kind of church did you grow up in? If you didn’t grow up in church, what was your exposure to church in your childhood and teen years. What did you like about church as a child/teen?


What was your spiritual life like in the college/young adult years? Was it different than your childhood years? Why?


If you have children, did your church involvement change when they came along? If your kids are grown, how has church been for you since they’ve left home?


Sean gave a couple definitions for “church.” How would you define the Church in your own words? Explain.


Why do you think Jesus took his followers to Caesarea Philippi for Peter’s confession and Jesus’ statement on building his Church? Where would Jesus take his followers if he was doing the same exact thing in 2021?


Why does the Church struggle to “improvise” with the Spirit of God? How would you like to see SFC improvise more?


Read Romans 12:1-2. What sorts of “patterns” do you see the Church getting stuck in— Economic? Social? Political? Other? How about you?


What do you think of the statement from Thomas Traherne: “Never was anything in this world loved too much, but many things have been loved in a false way: and all in too short a measure.” What does the Church (or what do you) love in a false way and/or too short a measure?


Read Matthew 28:18-20. Jesus commands us to “go.” How are you “going” these days? How do you want to see Saratoga Federated Church “go” these days?