Message Reflection Questions

Message Reflection Questions

Message Reflection Questions for January 29, 2023

Message Reflection Questions

January 29, 2023

God Talk: We Are Creatively Gifted

Today’s texts include rare examples of public teaching by Peter (Acts 2:14-40) and Paul (Acts 17:16-34). The settings are vastly different. Nonetheless, notice their efforts to connect with their audience. What are you seeing?

What would be the effect today if a Pentecost experience (Acts 2:1-13) were captured in a video and shared online?

Which demographic groups (age / culture / circumstance) might be powerfully drawn to faith if a community of believers like the one described in Acts (Acts 2:42-47) was featured today in a TV documentary AND an invitation to join was offered.

Most examples of faith sharing in today’s texts feature extraordinary leaders: Jesus, Peter and Saul/Paul. They also included dramatic “self-authenticating” miracles. While the resurrection of Tabitha/Dorcas is a powerful miracle, her life was more ordinary (albeit wonderful). What do you see in the power of her persistent kindness? What can we take away from her story (Acts 9:36-43).

What is it about faith-sharing that puts you off, if anything?

What is it about you that makes you reluctant to share your faith?

When, if ever, are you comfortable and confident to speak of your faith journey to others?

When someone credible says God led them to do something, how do you think they received the message?

How do we know if we are “under the influence” of the Spirit, or not?

How can we cultivate this desire and sensitivity?