Message Reflection Questions

Message Reflection Questions

Message Reflection Questions May 15, 2022


You Are Understood

Psalm 139:19-24

David’s incredible authenticity and vulnerability inspires us to practice the same. We should hate evil, but we should also give others the same kind of love that David has been singing about since verse one. We are so loved that we can count on God to understand us, even when we are behaving unlike him. Let it all out so it can all be dealt with. We are taught in this Psalm to trust God, even with the worst parts of us. Why? Because he understands.

When reading, teaching, or studying Psalm 139, how have verses 19-22 been handled in your experience? They are left out of The Revised Common Lectionary.

Why do you think it’s important, in the construction of the poem, that verses 1-18 come before 19-22? Is it important that Psalm 139 ends the way it does? Why?

Of the four weeks in our series Beautiful, which week do you connect with the most? Need the most? Felt the most conviction? Why? Were there any “ah ha” moments?

·     Psalm 139:1-6: You Are Fully Known and Fully Loved 

·     Psalm 139:7-12: You Are Never Alone

·     Psalm 139:13-18: You Are Packed with Purpose

·     Psalm 139:19-24: You Are Understood

Sean talked about David, or the author of this Psalm, having such deep security in God that they could practice unhindered vulnerability and trust. His security in God is so deep that he can unload all his anger, hurt, disappointment, and confusion on him. This is total and complete vulnerability. How would you describe your practice of vulnerability and trust with God? With others?

In the final verses, David asks God to work in his life in a special way. What stands out to you from verses 23-24? Why? How would you say these verses in your own words? Can you take a few minutes, write them down and share them with your group? Spend some time affirming one another’s words.

Bonus Theological Question: How do you reconcile verses 19-22 (or the other passages Sean shared: Psalm 55:15; 69:27-28; 109:9-12) and Jesus’ sayings about loving our enemies? There also may be other passages you struggle to reconcile.