Invisible Disabilities

Invisible Disabilities

During Invisible Disabilities Awareness Week in October 2020, we hosted a Zoom panel to listen to friends suffering from invisible disabilities. We also realized that our caregiver heroes, those who provide unending love and support, carrying family members through difficult illnesses/disabilities, had wisdom to give us. In December, panelists David Akers, Nancy Kamalski, Bruce McFarling, Holly Miller, Erin Watts came together on Zoom to share their stories, tips and suggestions on how to support caregivers. You may request a link to hear these recorded events.

Below are resources shared by some of invisible disability panelists, and resources from and for caregivers. Al Davis writes about living with an invisible disability in a past Fed Family newsletter. ‚Äč

If you are a caregiver or if you have faced a disability or an invisible disability such as Alcoholism, ADD, ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Dyslexia, Learning Disabilities, Lupus, and/or Lyme Disease, to name a few, the Care Team invites you to complete the confidential survey below.

To understand what an invisible disability is click here. How can we help our friends and neighbors who secretly suffer with invisible disabilities? We can start by listening to them, including these stories.

To receive help with a project at your home in the future, or would like to receive a meal or care or contact, use the following form or email (Many caregivers and people with disabilities find everyday tasks daunting.) Check back for Serve Week opportunities to serve our caregivers and those with disabilities.

Disability and Caregiver Awareness Form

The SFC Care Team invites you to share your disability or caregiving. We want to love on you and support you. Help us learn the best way to do that! This information will be seen only by the SFC Care Team. Your name will only be shared confidentially with someone providing your meal or requested support.