How Care Is Arranged

How Care Is Arranged

Staff Care

The best first step for most needs is to contact one of our Care Ministry Associates. They share an email address ( and voice message extension (408-867-1000, ext. 239). When you use either of these, your message will be received by each of them. You should use this email and this voice message box if you want to . . .

  • Arrange pastoral care, coaching or counseling
  • Inform or update us about a care need in our congregation
  • Submit a prayer request for a member, friend, relative or coworker
  • Receive a referral to a professional care specialist
  • Find a support or recovery group
  • Find care resources, public agencies or community services

Volunteer Care

Our Care Team matches needs with resources. This includes relationships. When possible we find mentors or guides for individuals or couples who need training or coaching in life skills or spiritual direction. If you are at an impasse or highly motivated for personal growth, contact us and we will discover if appropriate volunteer help is available.

Life Cycle Flocks – If you want to help us provide care for those in a specific season of life, each Care Ministry Associate works with a Care Deacon team that specializes in the care of members|friends|neighbors in a given age span. Volunteers should contact the assigned Care Ministry Associate.

Care Associate Office Hours: Monday – Thursday | 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

Care Deacons

Our care deacon teams serve as shepherds for specific populations. They also discern the evolving care needs in our congregation and community, and then oversee our response to these needs. If you know a care deacon serving your age group, you are encouraged to contact him or her directly if you have a need or desire to help.

  • Young Adults – People in their 20s-30s are served by Team - 1: Matthew Brading, Allison Robinson, Elizabeth Swan Brading, and Erin Watts

  • Mid-Life Adults – People in their 40s-60s are served by Team - 2: John Beck, Theresa Horvath, Michael Miller, Jeannie Mirassou, Sandra Tang, Katherine Tseng, Greg VanWiggeren, and Ricky Yuen

  • Senior Adults – People in their 70s-90s are served by Team - 3: Dave Aune, Geneva Baker, Cookie Britton, Kathy Finnecy, Nelia Garner, Nancy Kamalski, Phyllis Marsh, Diana McFarling, and Naz Tooyserkani

Prayer Ministry

Prayer requests are filtered for confidentiality. Personal information belongs to the person it is about. So, every request that includes an individual’s name requires verification that this person welcomes the sharing of particular information. When unable to establish this authorization, we will identify the need, but state “name withheld.” God knows who is the object of our concern. Confidential prayer requests can be limited to the Care Team (Arvin, Peggy, Sarah, Stephanie, and Bonnie), or include Care Deacons (25), Elders (10), Staff (14) and our Prayer Chain (50)—as you please. Simply tell our Care Team what level of privacy you desire. To submit prayers, submit online, use the pew cards, email the Care Team or call one of the Care Ministry Associates (408-867-1000 ext. 239).

Grief and Loss Ministry

We help those who grieve over death, divorce or another life-changing loss. If you lose a loved one, we want to support you in your loss. We will work with you to design a service that honors his or her life. And we will invite you to participate in a grief recovery workshop, where others who have experienced grief will share lessons learned and helpful habits in their healing, and/or a 13-week GriefShare class. Besides this practical help, we schedule social gatherings for mutual support and times of guided meditation to aid the deep work of moving forward without someone essential to our lives. To inquire about one of our grief ministries, email Peggy Beck call her at 408-867-1000 ext. 256.

Support and Recovery Groups

We face new issues in new seasons of life. Some are predictable and others are unexpected. When we are overtaken by a new difficulty or ready to face a long-standing issue, we benefit from the company of others who have dealt with or are facing the same life challenge. Their understanding, honesty, insight and courage strengthen us. Many of our groups are confidential, as is their time of meeting and location. Other groups run for a specific number of weeks, and are launched each time we have a core of interested participants. For inquiries, contact our Care Team (408-867-1000 ext. 239) or Pastor Engelson (408-867-1000). For an overview, click this link: Support and Recovery Groups.

Self-Care and Mutual-Care

We want everyone in our faith family to grow in the art of care. For this reason, we periodically provide training opportunities. We encourage all members to become conversant in community resources, so they can guide others to specific forms of local help when needed. Please become familiar with these links to care resources: Local Agencies and Services.

Ministry to Aging Minds

Musical Memories | A care ministry choral group sings for (and with) those who suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s. The team offers this encouragement twice monthly: 2nd Mondays, 3:00 to 4:30 pm and 3rd Wednesdays, 2:00 to 3:30 pm at two different sites. If you desire to serve, contact Bill or Carol Bjorkman (408-867-2962).

Deacons’ Pantry

Sometimes, those recovering from illness or loss benefit from a meal delivered to the home. A team of chefs meet every 4th Tuesday, 1:00 to 2:30 pm in the church kitchen to prepare meals. If some households have a current need, hot meals are delivered that afternoon. When not, several meals are fresh frozen for future needs. If you know of a household in the church with such a need or want to help prepare meals, contact the Care Team  (408-867-1000 ext. 239.)

Deacons’ Workshop

Sometimes, members lack the skills to do routine home maintenance and lack the means to hire professionals. A few men with basic skills are available to help with small home repair projects. Widows and older seniors are especially encouraged to accept this care. Contact the Care Team (408-867-1000 ext. 239) to see if we have someone with appropriate skills available for your project . If you are handy in this way and are willing to help, please inform the Care Team of your gift-set and availability.

After Hour Emergencies

Our Care Ministry has an after hours number: (866) 997-7600. It is available 24 hours everyday for use by our congregation and community. If your concern is urgent, it will be immediately communicated to Pastor Engelson, or the pastor on call. If your message is not urgent, it will be given to the Care Team for action on their next business day. We provide this service with excellent referral resources. We want our members and neighbors to have easy access to some of the best local help for various care needs. For direct access to quality practical in our area, click this link: Local Agencies and Services.