Coordinator of Middle School Ministry (Part-Time)

Coordinator of Middle School Ministry (Part-Time)

Coordinator Middle School Ministry (Part-Time, 25 hours weekly)

The Coordinator of Middle School Ministry is responsible for the Middle School Ministry (Madhouse) at Saratoga Federated Church. The Coordinator will report to the Lead Pastor and support the vision, mission and values of SFC. This person does not need to be a seasoned pastor but willing to learn and hungry for ministry experience and leadership development. 


  • Character – SFC believes that character matters, especially in its leaders. Those who lead must live exemplary lives, modeling the behaviors of the kingdom of God. Staff members are expected to live by the teachings of Scriptures. This person must be a committed Christian leader with a passion for discipling students. This leader must demonstrate a deep personal walk with Christ, integrity, proven ability to build trust and unity, be a team player, and a self-starter. 

  • Culture – This is the DNA of SFC. This leader will embrace SFC’s statement of faith, mission, values, vision, and overall team culture (our Playbook).

  • Competence – Leader, communicator, shepherd, administration. This leader must be able to think with vision, organize large and small events, communicate with small and large groups, and shepherd students and volunteers effectively. Bachelor’s Degree Preferred. 2+ years of experience working with students preferred.

  • Chemistry – The SFC staff has a dynamic interrelation between team members. So, there should be a mutual attraction and rapport that is consistently experienced both from and toward this leader.


Administration (10% —Approx. 2.5 hours per week)

  • Work with the volunteer staff and Ministry Associate (administrative assistant), and Coordinator of High School Ministry to plan for, manage, and evaluate budget, attendance, and program planning.
  • Work alongside the Lead Pastor to develop an integrated faith community for the Middle School Ministry that supports the vision, mission and values of SFC. 
  • Collaborate with the Children's Ministry staff to plan and execute strategies that engage the whole family
  • Attend monthly staff meetings/chapels 
  • Coordinate with the Ministry Associate and Communications team to effectively communicate details of High School Ministry
  • Organize and maintain the Middle School facilities  

Teaching and Discipleship (35% —Approx. 7.5 hours per week)

  • Be the primary teacher for this ministry. Work with the High School Coordinator and Lead Pastor to organize and administer a strategy for teaching, discipling, worship, outreach, and developing community among students, leaders, and parents involved in the Middle School Ministry. This will be accomplished within the framework of both large and small group opportunities, communication and connection with parents, and youth-oriented events. Work with parent volunteers on planning and execution of Confirmation Class. Work with parents and students to connect to those not yet following Jesus and invite them to belong to community, begin in faith, and become more like Jesus.

Activities/Camps/Retreats (25%—Approx. 6.5 hours per week)

  • Provide opportunities for students that will stimulate their spiritual growth and assist them in reaching out to their friends. Extra work hours will be required and determined ahead of these events. 

Leadership Development (30%—Approx. 8.5-9 hours per week)

  • Develop and implement a holistic strategy for middle school ministry that works towards inviting and equipping adult and student leaders in the areas of teaching, administration and leadership.