Adult Education

Adult Education

Adult Sunday School Class on Zoom: An In-depth Study of I Corinthians

This is in-depth study looks at the history of Corinth, including social aspects, the pagan worship which many of the Corinthian believers came out of and how those beliefs and customs tainted their worship of our Lord, and how Paul (the writer of 1st Corinthians) counters those false beliefs. We will also look at the Greek texts to garner a more complete and nuanced picture of what Paul was writing.

The class meets via zoom every Sunday morning. Class begins at 9:30am.

The zoom meeting opens at about 9:15am. The class typically ends at 10:30am.

To get an invite to the class email Randy Schneider at:

He’ll add you to the list and send an invite for the class at approximately 9:15am on Sunday mornings.

Email Scott Fritz at: to receive a page of notes the night before the class which you can fill out during the class.

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