About Care Ministry

About Care Ministry

We give active care to those whose quality of life is at risk. Many things assault our joy: illness, unemployment, anxiety, addiction, troubled children, aging parents and relational difficulties. With the help of God’s Spirit, we serve such needs and others.

Why do we care?

Care Values

We are a community of God-seekers. Each of us (at any age and every stage of faith) is pursuing a form of life that pleases our Maker. Jesus said the most mature expressions of faith are to love God and to love our neighbor. This compels us all to grow in the art of care. The most important feature in our Care Ministry is the mutual-care and outreach-care practiced by each member. For this reason, we encourage and equip our people to engage the care needs around them with increasing skill and confidence.

Care Vision

We have active plans for a Care Center on campus, serving the felt needs of adults in our church and community. We want to provide a confidential setting for the care of personal needs. This site will host a variety of support and recovery groups. It will offer practical life skills education. Plans also include some affordable forms of clinical care —including group sessions for special issues and individual counseling at sliding scale rates. When members and neighbors have such needs, we want them to experience our creative faith-inspired concern. If you want to help us achieve the Care Center vision, contact Pastor Arvin Engelson.

What kinds of care are offered?


Wise and loving friends offer personal and affordable care. Many people in our faith family excel in the art of friendship. Joining a study group or growth group is a reliable way to find them.


Everyone benefits from good guides, mentors and coaches. If you need coaching in a critical life skill, or in the art of self-care, or in your active care of others, we may be able to find you a coach with relevant life experience.


All of our pastors do some pastoral counseling. Skills, training and experience vary, so each pastor limits their help to their scope of practice (professional competence). We all refer to medical, legal, financial and clinical specialists when issues or circumstances warrant. You may contact any pastor directly or get assistance from our Care Team. See Staff Care links below.